• I am a Filmmaker/Researcher/Software Developer with interests in all things to do with Film, Animation, and Screenwriting. I studied for a PhD in Computer Graphics and Animation at the University of Sheffield, did a post-doc focusing on performance capture (face mocap) at the University of Surrey, and recently completed an MA in Filmmaking at the London Film School.

    Removing a Bystander with Nuke

    For one of the graduation projects I produced at the London Film School we had a problem where the shot the director wanted to use had a bystander walking into shot. Below is the result of removing the bystander using Nuke. The process was relatively quick as they did not cross between the actor and the camera. I tracked and stabilised the shot, created a clean plate without the bystander or actor, and used a very rough matte to remove the man walking across the shot. More difficult was the shadow of the bystander which passes behind the actor, so I needed to do some fine roto to remove this. Finally I reintroduced the original camera motion to the shot. Below is a video showing before/after the bystander was removed from the shot.


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