• I am a Filmmaker/Researcher/Software Developer with interests in all things to do with Film, Animation, and Screenwriting. I studied for a PhD in Computer Graphics and Animation at the University of Sheffield, did a post-doc focusing on performance capture (face mocap) at the University of Surrey, and recently completed an MA in Filmmaking at the London Film School.

    14 Poems

    14 poems by Howard Barker, produced for his website: howardbarker.co.uk. The direct link for the readings is here. The performance was recorded in the sound department of the National Theatre where six months later Howard Barker’s ‘Scenes from an Execution’ was performed, the first of Barker’s plays to be performed at the NT.


    Reader – Julia Tarnoky


    Director/Writer – Howard Barker
    Filming – Christina Ruloff / James D. Edge / Weilin Wang


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