• I am a Filmmaker/Researcher/Software Developer with interests in all things to do with Film, Animation, and Screenwriting. I studied for a PhD in Computer Graphics and Animation at the University of Sheffield, did a post-doc focusing on performance capture (face mocap) at the University of Surrey, and recently completed an MA in Filmmaking at the London Film School.

    Closely Watched Rooms (London Film School)

    Closely Watched Rooms is a story about Alex, a disaffected youth on the margins of society. He spends his spare time spying on the customers of the computer repair shop where he works. Whilst doing this he becomes obsessed with one particular customer, and when he sees a violent confrontation between her and her boyfriend he seeks to meet her. This film came out of the numerous stories we see nowadays about privacy being compromised by technology. Every phone and laptop now has a camera on it, so the possibilities for spying are immense. I was also concerned with the link between the voyeur, and the person he spies upon and what that relationship was. Filming for this was done all over London, including on the Thamesmead estate where ‘A Clockwork Orange’ was shot.


    Alex – Oliver Evans
    Celine – Suibhan Harrison
    Rob – Chris Bone
    Martin – Rob Tofield


    Director/Writer – James D. Edge
    Director of Photography – Irene Gomez-Emilsson
    Camera Operator – Christina Prgomet
    Editor / Sound Recordist – Antonio Duran
    Production Designer – Julio Mas-Alcaraz
    Producer – Christina Ruloff


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