• I am a Filmmaker/Researcher/Software Developer with interests in all things to do with Film, Animation, and Screenwriting. I studied for a PhD in Computer Graphics and Animation at the University of Sheffield, did a post-doc focusing on performance capture (face mocap) at the University of Surrey, and recently completed an MA in Filmmaking at the London Film School.

    The Turing Test (London Film School)

    The Turing Test is a short film about a scientist and the female robot he creates. In a dark cellar the scientist attempts to teach his creation, but ends up falling in love, but how successful has he been in creating life? This film idea came from my knowledge of artificial intelligence. The ‘Turing Test’ is a means by which we measure how convincing computerised agents are. I wanted to challenge the boundary between simple mimicry and outright conscious intelligence, and how would we know one from the other. The names of the characters come from classic A.I. – Alan Turing, one of the key scientists behind general purpose computation; and Eliza, one of the first A.I. computer programs.


    Alan – Mike Archer
    Eliza – Ivy Corbin


    Director/Writer – James D. Edge
    Director of Photography – Christina Ruloff
    Camera Operator – Jannicke de Lange
    Composer – Laura Stevens
    Choreography – Kristina Pfeffer


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